Algorithm Percentages

The original plan highlights the advantage of it being flexible… The beauty of our 3 algo cocktail is that it can be tweaked based on community feedback and demand. The original plan is not rigid in terms of what share which algos have, especially future speculation about ASIC role, is more of a bookmark having the potential flexibility in the framework. Great feedback everyone - lets hear from more people!


I personally like the idea of keeping Randomx\CPU at least over 50% of blocks for a whiiiiile . .

GPU sitting in the 30s is reasonable as well.

Cuckatoo at 2 (unchanged) seems fine as well.

Lastly, I would love to see x11 added around ±5% . . the reason is, there are tons of Antminer D3 sitting around doing nothing . . if we add that algo and give them a use case, we would gain TONS of hash and a large new userbase once they have something to do . . all the extra hash would help security as well.

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Yeah, maybe scrypt along similar lines.

How hard is it for people to have them run only when it’s their turn so they’re not wasting power, is it similar to how it works now, nothing special for the asic setup?

hmm good question . . i know there is hotrodded firmware for the D3s etc, that you can buy on ebay for $7 so there are super geek coders that already tweek it . . probably would need a not-so-gnarly mod just to make it pointable to an $EPIC pool . . in fact, come to think of it, 51pool guys already did the same task with XMRig . . its the same job , just with x11 D3 antminer firmware

You wonder if miners can switch to other coins during a break, and I wonder if its possible to do it the other way around… Can’t we have all algos mining simultaneously and somehow joined at the end? Could you explain how it currently works? And I also wonder how are we secure against 51% attacks, is it enough to get 51% in one of the algorithms to mess with our chain?

I agree :point_up:, more cpu means more miners can join and more decentralize and widespread of epic.

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