Creating a new validator node

Hello all,

I am creating a new validator node. I am noticing the download times are awful. I initially thought this was due to my VPS also running a tor node, but once that was shutoff there was not an increase in my download speed.

Is it possible to gain more peers, and if so how?

Spectacular Vernacular

On a side note. I don’t see a reason to open a new thread for this. Does anyone know why my server may be showing over 6,000 percentage completed on it’s task, despite being nowhere near even 100%?

Addendum 2:
My home computer is going slightly faster (about 1.5 times the speed) and has 4 peers, compared to the VPS’s 1 peer. I will simply download from my home computer and manually upload to the VPS since that seems much quicker.
Does anyone have an idea why there are so few peers and, again, why so slow?

Have you tweaked the TOML like JLong suggested?
set peer_min_preferred_count = 30
peers_preferred = [“”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”]

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In the upcoming V3 version, there is a much faster sync