Epic Cash GUI Wallet v1.0.0 now available!

The long-awaited GUI wallet makes it as easy as possible to send and receive EPIC.

The app is currently available on Windows and macOS operating systems and supports both Transaction File and HTTP Listener transaction methods.

Download the GUI wallet here: https://epic.tech/downloads/
GUI wallet tutorial: https://medium.com/epic-cash/epic-cash-gui-wallet-tutorial-3992690f9d9

How can I withdraw my EPIC from isemining to this GUI wallet? A “Submit Payment” button is unavailable when I input my wallet IP and port data.

Hi, Rabinovitch. You can use the following URL to submit payments (replace YOURUSERNAME with your username):


After you are on the correct page by replacing YOURUSERNAME with your username, you will see a Submit Payment option. Make sure your GUI wallet has HTTP listener open in order to receive.

Hi Michael!
Yes, as I said above, the only problem is that I can’t push the “Submit Payment” button, but I do see it, so it looks that I’m at the correct page. :wink:

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