Epic Cash Miner crashes on ProgPow mining

are there some linux driver experts for ProgPow mining?
I use some old AMD GPU with opencl and get this error after running the epic cash miner :

LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: 0x7fb438306730: i32,ch = AtomicLoadAdd<(volatile load store seq_cst 4 on %ir.g_output, addrspace 1)> 0x7fb43805f048, 0x7fb438306fb8, Constant:i32<1>, ./generic/lib/atomic/atomic_inc.cl:9:1
0x7fb438306fb8: i32,ch = CopyFromReg 0x7fb43805f048, Register:i32 %147, ./generic/lib/atomic/atomic_inc.cl:9:1
0x7fb438306458: i32 = Register %147
0x7fb438306a08: i32 = Constant<1>
In function: ethash_search

looks similar and they say it’s an opencl issue