Governance Working Group

We are evaluating eosDAC and it’s really cool.

Who is into governance and wants to help us figure out how to leverage all the great work this team has put in?

We also are benchmarking these other interesting projects:

Decred DCR Politeia

Tezos XTZ:
“Liquid Governance in Tezos” by William McKenzie


Aragon / DNT District 0x

We need to identify the leading thinkers in governance, for example I like this from Vlad Zamfir:
“My Intentions for Blockchain Governance” by Vlad Zamfir

Emurgo did this study of Dash governance, perhaps we could similarly engage them in some way, to help us define our structure? Epic Governance Telegram Channel

@Emma pls add this to our communities directory on the site, there are a few dozen telegram groups for various things, most of which can be publicly listed.

RichardRed has compiled this same body of work for Decred. ask around on slack. It would be some wasted time not to familiarize yourself with that body of work before you get too far in this.


Thanks, will do. Appreciate the help.