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Grin forum censorship

Re: https://www.grin-forum.org/t/opinions-regarding-grin/5650

We have been receiving ongoing reports of censorship at grin forum, but were hesitant to say anything based on only rumor. Now, however, it is substantiated. Please be aware that when people with an agenda or axe to grind trash us over at grin forum, we are unable to respond because they simply delete our posts. What do they have to fear or hide?

“Feel free to add your voice here” - except that if it’s inconvenient to hear, we shall delete it! :thinking:

We are responding to the desires of the grin community by using the grin code to deliver what users are asking for. This is a good thing, for the users and for the ecosystem as a whole. Those who are against this cooperative model of innovation must be asked precisely what they stand to gain by censorship of competing ideas. Should the market not decide?

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