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But, tons of coins can already be used to make transfers to anyone in the world for a low price, and much faster than traditional banking.

**Not with 100% proof of work, and the scalability structure of coins with greater throughput is compromised with things like master odes as in Dash. However, the biggest issue is fungibility. When you have to concern yourself with who owned the currency before you did (“terrorist bitcoin”) its not fungible. Non fungible means it cannot be an effective medium of exchange and it will never be a unit of account. **

Those coins also have the advantage of many years of history of network stability. I recognize that Epic is going to have its own improvements.

But how many of those are really going to convince someone to send money or accept Epic Cash, a newbie, at their business instead of Dash or BTC etc.

**We have dozens of students going door to. Door this summer to sign up merchants. Additionally, we have 5000 brand new ingenico credit card readers we will program to accept Epic that will be given out free. Marketplace execution is the core of our strategy. **

The existing coins like BTC, XMR, DASH, ZEC probably all offer enough money transfer features for 99.9% of law abiding citizens.

And now, credit cards are already out there that allow crypto wallets to be linked to a card and be accepted anywhere that accepts Visa. So, imminently, people can buy BTC and spend it anywhere that Visa is accepted. This trend will continue and accelerate.

**But they don’t because of Gresham’s Law - people spend their devaluing fiat currencies and hoard the precious Bitcoin. **

So I must ask - as a question that I am sure many people will wonder about your coin. For regular people, the 99.9% of law abiding citizens - why do they need Epic Cash? What would you say to the people in Venezuela (for example) as to why they should ditch tried and true DASH and use brand new and untested Epic Cash instead?

Dash masternodes suck wealth from everyday users and route it to rich node holders. Further, in corrupt places like Venezuela, people in government can watch your Dash wallet and simply come take it from you. In India, it will soon be 10 years in prison for using cryptocurrency. Using any other currency (except zec and xmr) , you are literally putting your very freedom at risk

There are hundreds of competing currencies and cryptocurrencies. Do you really think Epic will still be around in 100 years?

We designed Epic to have the best technical and economic fundamentals, but at the same time, we want Epic to embody the social ideals of a currency for positive change.

Our outreach and adoption efforts aren’t directly aimed at competing against other currencies. They are instead focused on the 1.7 billion adults who are unbanked or underbanked, and empowering them to do the same for others.

Epic will succeed in the long-term not just because it is a good currency, but because we’re bringing it to the people who can use it most.

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