Moldova Coffee Shop Pilot Program

I want to discuss about the technical aspect of introducing Epic to Moldova. Coffee shops in Moldova, like in the rest of the world, are the perfect place for innovations. That’s where socializing begins everyday, that’s where students study and entrepreneurs go for lunch meetings.
I believe it is a Pilot Program with a lot of potential to be used around the globe.

… I got off the meeting with the leader of LSD
Quite an informal meeting
But the meeting did leave me with a lot of burning qeustions

My immediate strategies were to implement charity work and social media. And a potential big event as a city quest
To search for Epic Coins

Epic Cash

And after the event
To implement our idea with the coffee shops and other retailers
He agreed to help me out
And he has connection in every corner of our country

We need to look at it not based on physical distance but on network distance, what I mean by this is that someone in a village using an old modem based solution may need to go to 3/4g, whereas in Chisinau we can assume good connectivity - we need to limit this initially so we can get the user experience for merchant and especially the paying customer dialed in right. Aside from cash and now cards, what do people pay with there these days?

Idea - can we tie in to the Qiwi cash kiosks, if those are still around? I’ve also had my eye on Yandex money, I can send you some Russian Rubles :wink:

And quite a few volunteers to do work free if needed

But first, how would a normal teenager in Moldova buy something with epic?

That’s precisely what we have to figure out, exactly how it works. That’s the key to what we are doing. Anyone can launch a currency, we will do the hard daily work of getting our money into stores.

Is the Epic App launching on the 4th too?
No, that will come later this year, but we will test there locally well ahead of time.

Thanks, some more burning questions.

We can make educational and introductional videos of Epic Cash and distribute them using Social Media Marketing untill the 4th
Displaying the benefits and safety of Epic
If airdrops or free tokens are a go
Then we have an idea to market and do a full city quest
We will hide stickers with a QR code in the back, throughout the city
And people who will find them will scan and get some Epic (if that’s how it works)

If this is not an option
We’ll stick to coffee and cola
Still I believe a degree of videos will be needed and social media marketing
But still, the system will not be fully running on the 4th to allow transcations directly
So we will have to stick to 2/3 big shops around the capital

To get the most out of this
And to brainstorm new ideas
I need to now what is the biggest objective we want to get out of this:

  1. Epic Awareness
  2. People to start using Epic as a currency
  3. To distribute Epic to the people

Great stuff, you’re on the right track. Please ask Tijo, Randy, and Mustapha to develop these ideas with you. Anything that gets our money being used in actual daily life is good.

Fantastic ideas. Please add @jimhaggerty to the chat as well. I’d love to see local promoting in action.

Just a few tips based on current ideas.

Design contests to make it difficult to scam. I.e. for hidden stickers, require recipient to send a picture of himself or herself by the hidden QR code, and we manually send him a link that will let him redeem the reward. The reward shouldn’t be very high, just $5-50 per hidden QR code should be enough. This way we can reasonably trust there won’t be whole batches stolen when we use this same contest globally.

Stickers to be hidden should have no residue backing (vinyl most common). That way when the winner finds it, he can be instructed to peel it off and discard, and it won’t require 10 minutes to clean.