Network speed increase & why people mine Cuckoo?

Network speed just doubled lately for RandomX, good for our coin, although I enjoyed the low competition ^^ ProgPow has risen as well, but what I wonder is why our Cuckoo speed is so high? It’s always been very high, I don’t think anyone can profit with this algorithm, mining it with GPU is of no use at all, even with very high end GPUs, and I don’t think ASICS are that much better (you’d need like 100x better gps per watt ratio). Whats the catch?

That’s a good question, have you calculated the profitability?

I have, but I don’t remember it now so I don’t want to misinform you. Anyway, currently some crazy stuff happens with 1 second blocks and all so you can’t really calculate profitability. ProgPow speed is sick, with my card with 8gb ram it would be exactly 1,000,000 times harder to mine a block with ProgPow than with Cuckoo, if I compare my ProgPow mhash to network speed and Cuckoo ghps / network speed, and with a top card it won’t be much better. On the other hand I should be banking some crazy EPIC amounts with my rig through RandomX if I compare my speed to the network’s, but it doesnt work at all, I was getting nothing, zero per 24h, even when my own speed was well over 1% of the network speed.