Possible issue in GPU mining

For a few days now My GPU mining has been non existent. The amount of successful calculations is about 1% TO 99% lost or stale shares. I’m solo mining. I’ve restarted my node several times, and have adjusted the mining difficulty. Also I’ve noticed when the miner changes to progpow, its only for a split second, then switches back to randomX resulting in the majority if not all of the work to be submitted late. In my miner stats on the server it shows the progpow difficulty is only in the 200k range. I have my difficulty now set at 4million however the miner and node only says 208244. Anyone having similar problems? I’ve uploaded a screenshot if the split second switch from randomx to progpow ad back to randomx

On this screen shot all the difficulty for all algos have gone to zero, I’ve also reduced my mining difficulty in the server settings to 60k since the node was only at 148k

It was confirmed There is an Issue with GPU mining. Fix coming in a couple days