RandomX Monero Compatibility

Epic Cash will use RadomX for it’s CPU mining algorithm. This algo was orignally written for adoption by Monero in Oct, 2019. Tevador, the algo writer, has suggested “If you wish to use RandomX as a PoW algorithm for your cryptocurrency, we strongly recommend not using the [default parameters] to avoid compatibility with Monero.”

Link to Monero’s RandomX configuration parameters: https://github.com/tevador/RandomX/blob/master/src/configuration.h

We would like to have a discussion and listen to input about whether Epic Cash should retain compatibility with Monero mining, potentially enabling merged-mining and easy switching of chains using same mining softwares, or if and what configuration changes should be made to qualitatively make RandomX different than Monero’s implementation.


Compatibility with XMR is not our problem. We are first to market and they have the risk with being a single algo, we don’t.

I believe they should change. We need to protect the integrity of our chain and any change can cause problems. They aren’t introducing it until later this year (targeted) anyway, so they have time to analyze the impact of changes.

Well!! Did you know? Monero is one of the leading altcoin in the crypto market, several cryptocurrency experts predicts monero price prediction the price will rise high in the upcoming years.

Let me know your point of view on this?